JeffreyM Digital

Your biggest fans thrive on interacting with your business in all its platforms. JeffreyM provides you with consultants who will help you develop your business’ presence in the realms of social media, customer service, and creative publishing. Our focus is to engage with customers in a digital space to create meaningful relationships that foster consideration, shift perceptions, and increase satisfaction and loyalty. We at JeffreyM are agile in our approach to creating a human-centered brand experience that is always reactive, relevant, and remarkable.


The most successful businesses are expert storytellers, which is why JeffreyM takes pride in its fast-paced digital newsroom. We help you create real-time, relevant content using a creative newsroom to generate a combination of editorial and creative digital advertising which enables diverse content production to scale any need. We boast a dramatically shorter response time than anyone else in the industry; our production design team delivers important material in real time, which ensures there’s never a gap in coverage so that your business is always on the pulse of newsworthy developments and always available to snag an opportunity.


Being a great leader means being a great listener, which is why we structure our team to enable continual customer engagement. To facilitate this this engagement, we employ The Hub, which is comprised of JeffreyM consultants who are ever-present in their efforts to modulate various interactions--whether comments, questions, concerns, or complaints--within your business’ digital realm. With over six years of marketing experience in enterprise Fortune 500 companies, our Hub consultants enable your business to manage customer conversations with efficiency and adroitness while making your audience feel important.


The best conversations are relevant to your audience’s interests, which is why JeffreyM takes time to establish well-organized audience segmentation within your digital sphere. We employ focused interactions across all digital platforms to allow your business to communicate more efficiently and effectively with your audience while streamlining problem-solving and developing influencer relationships.


You worked hard to create great content, and it deserves to get noticed. Utilizing the combined efforts of your digital team, JeffreyM carefully considers the content that most strongly resonates with your social/digital audience to create a strategic, targeted approach to expanding your business’ reach and increasing your audience, brand awareness, and improving your return on investment. We have the tools and expertise to ensure that you are properly maximizing your impact for paid, earned and owned media in a targeted way that gets results.


We know that knowledge is power, which is why JeffreyM uses various metrics to help you understand the impact of your digital presence. We scrutinize all facets of your online engagement from content reach and consumption to audience engagement in order to understand your business’ influence, account for future digital strategy, and assess return on investment.


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JeffreyM Marketing

We have the right people to provide results-driven marketing solutions; our expert consultants offer an average tenure of over ten years in sales and marketing experience. Whether your business needs assistance in reducing costs, improving profitability, or increasing market share, JeffreyM has the tools and resources you need to achieve your desired results in every area from lead generation to customer loyalty and retention.


When it comes to your business, growth, profitability, and return on investment depend on sound strategic planning; we believe that proper strategy and competitive research are the cornerstones of any successful business initiative. This is why JeffreyM produces intelligent, innovative, and thorough marketing plans that achieve exceptional results.


Your business relies on adept marketing campaigns both to advertise and to communicate your place in the market; this is why our JeffreyM consultants are experts in campaign planning, product offer development, channel optimization, testing, and measurement. Proactive marketing campaigns also fuel lead generation and customer acquisition, so what are you waiting for? JeffreyM has an arsenal of tools at your disposal.


You’ve aligned your strategy, campaigns, pricing, and consumer insights; how will you reach prospects in your go-to-market strategy? Whether your plan utilizes websites, social strategies, or mobile campaigns, JeffreyM helps your business leverage the power of the web in order to develop a blueprint that enables you to maintain a consistent and reactive presence in order to build meaningful relationships and strengthen your brand. We employ experts on how to utilize owned, earned and paid media as a part of your marketing efforts so let us help you become savvier at creating and curating your content.


Because we know your business is unique, we want to create an event that demonstrates this to others. JeffreyM’s team of experts helps you develop and execute an end-to-end event strategy that provides a fresh experience by invoking the latest event themes and industry trends. In order to help you achieve your overall goals and objectives, we lead flawless execution of event logistics--from venue sourcing to registration and everything in between. And because we know money doesn’t grow on trees, JeffreyM practices strategic budget management to optimize your investment.


In order to devise or improve a functional marketing strategy, your company needs to measure the relevance and impact of your marketing efforts. Our consultants understand the value of cross sell and upsell modeling, loyalty and retention programs, and a variety of analytical tools to help you develop the right key performance indicators, campaign metrics, and accountabilities.


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JeffreyM Channel

Self-proclaimed “people people,” we believe in the power of teamwork to provide the partners you need to scale your business. Whether small or large, JeffreyM helps you employ a channel model that effectively suits your business’ needs. With many years of experience cultivating partner strategies for some of the largest and most successful technology companies in the world, we know how to elevate strategic partnerships for shared success.


There’s a lot to consider when creating a viable channel strategy, but JeffreyM fires on all cylinders to develop a plan that works for your business. We start by assessing your current direct and indirect business models and offering competitive analysis as a benchmark against others in your area of expertise. Our consultants leverage both channel intelligence and industry insights to determine you go-to market and develop a channel strategy that considers components such as value proposition, budget, resources, and capacity planning. The end result is a well-planned blueprint for a channel partnership that meets your business’ objectives.


Your business needs a team that works for you, and JeffreyM has you covered. We help you establish a partner program that adds value to your business. Whether you need assistance in defining a partner program in terms of its features, policies, margins, and requirements, or guidance in optimizing your existing partnerships, JeffreyM has the expertise to ensure you are building or refreshing the right partner program for you.


How can you ensure that your channel partners implement marketing strategies that grow your business? JeffreyM understands that growing scaleable, recurring revenue is about good strategy and accurate execution. We help you create a successful enablement plan by leveraging social media programs, and implementing campaign assets, sales training, and events to market your services to customers while unifying partners as your extended sales force.


Creating the right incentives ensures that your partners are selling your products rather than your competitors’. Whether you have an incentive program or need help navigating the best programs for your business, JeffreyM will help you actualize a plan by creating better-targeted MDF, co-op, and rebate programs, providing project management and support to enable execution, and analyzing the effectiveness and behavioral outcomes of your current incentive programs.

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JeffreyM Business Operations

At JeffreyM we understand that your back-office operations are linked to the success of your front-line sales, which is why we are attentive to the details that help you manage risk and attain profitable growth. Our consultants understand the intricacies of tightly-integrated operations, and are engaged to ensure that your financial controls, business management, and procurement are running effectively. We are ambitious in our efforts to improve performance and transform your bottom line so that you can achieve even your most lofty business objectives.


We at JeffreyM give new meaning to “strength in numbers.” Because we understand that the success of your business thrives on your knowledge of critical financial information, we work with CFOs and controllers to obtain, interpret, and report on the various facets of your financial functionality. In addition to providing budget reconciliation and full P&L analysis, our consultants are experts at managing cash flow, analyzing foreign exposure, providing insights into proven best practises, and creating scorecards with key performance indicators.

Business Management

Achieving your business’ goals begins with good management, which is why JeffreyM employs people with the ambition to achieve to your organization’s objectives. Whether your goals revolve around sales, productivity, profitability, or increased market share, our highly-established team leads your business in a strategy that improves your operational direction, effective communication, and organizational clarity.

Project Management

Project management is a critical facet of optimizing your business’ performance. Our vastly experienced project managers are capable leaders who enable guidance, management, and support of your highly visible strategic initiatives. We take pride in the fact that many of our consultants are PMP certified in managing projects or processes, which enables them to accommodate your needs from inception to deadline.


Having accurate data can determine whether your business is moving quickly in the right direction or slowly in the wrong direction. Our consultants are precise in their treatment of your data; collection, organization, and presentation of your statistics are given meticulous consideration so that your business is provided with useable, relevant data that can be used to strategize your business objectives.

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