10 Tips To Navigating The Digital Nomad Life


JeffreyM Consulting is a place where we give employees the space to be themselves. Whether it’s a love for sports, the arts or anything in between, among the JMC team is a space that we can always share and discuss our interests.  

Recently, our Social Media Manager, Naomi Palacios had the chance to catch up with Sandra Hernandez, a proud graduate of Texas A&M University and a Lead on our Marketing Services Team working on behalf of Sprinklr.  Since January, Sandra has taken advantage of our remote work flexibility and is living the life of a “Digital Nomad”.  Driven by her wanderlust, from Austin to California to the Pacific Northwest and next stop, Montana, Sandra has spent the past year fulfilling her lifelong dream while still crushing her work goals. 


Here are 10 tips from Sandra on navigating the Digital Nomad life: 

  1. Be Transparent Share with your manager that you want to give this lifestyle a try so they can be informed and approve of your plans.  
  2. Do Your Research Determine if this lifestyle is even feasible with the work you do? If so, what are the terms and conditions upon which this will be allowed? Will you be required to maintain your current time zone?  
  3. Set A Timeframe Along with finding out what your job will allowit’s also important to take some time to think about how long you want to travel and work remotely.  
  4. Make A Plan Outline the places you want to go and how long you plan to stay at each one. Sandra typically spends two months in each location. 

    Sandra Hernandez, Marketing Services Lead – Seattle
  5. Organize Your Finances: Create a budget. If you pick a more expensive city you might have to plan to stay with a roommate or cut back oeating out and fun activities.  
  6. Keep A Permanent Address: Choose to make a trusted friend or family member’s residence your permanent address to ensure you receive your important mail. 
  7. Have Reliable Transportation Sandra drives across the U.S. to every new destination so she made sure to get her car completely checked out before taking on this journey.  
  8. Create A Schedule: No matter where Sandra is in the U.S. she is sure to stick to her same work schedule and only works out of a coffee shop or coworking space once a week.  
  9. Travel Light Carrying a lot of baggage isn’t conducive to extensive travel. Take the minimalist approach, so that you have no more than a couple large suitcases. 
  10. Make New Friends Hitting a new city every few months can be difficult and lonely at times. Join a volunteer group or try to connect with your social media friends in that area to make sure you get to meet new people. 


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