Monday Motivation – Alejandro Aguirre









Working with a variety of clients brings about many opportunities – and Social Tools Manager, Alejandro Aguirre has created a routine allowing him to keep it all organized and exciting!


  • Everyone gets a “Case of the Mondays.” What helps you get through your Monday? Is it a quote, or personal or professional goals?
    Watching motivational videos helps kick-start my Monday. Also, quotes by inspirational business leaders like Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg.


  • What is your favorite part of your current position with JMC?
    The opportunity to work with clients in different industries. Everyday I work on various projects with my clients, providing the best practice, and helping clients identify platform gaps and optimization opportunities.


  • Do you have a favorite playlist or podcast you listen to at work?
    I am a huge music person. I have an upbeat playlist on my Spotify named “Buzz 2017” that I am currently listening to every morning while commuting to work.


  • Do you have a daily routine that helps you through your day?
    My daily routine starts with checking my calendar to prepare for meetings, before tackling ongoing action items that I have organized in my spreadsheet.


  • Any exciting projects you are currently working on?
    The holidays are right around the corner, which means clients are preparing their holiday campaigns. It’s exciting building their campaigns in Sprinklr, and then presenting the results!



Celebrating Lauren Smith’s 4-Year Anniversary!

Almost exactly four years ago, we were packing up our Bellevue headquarters and beginning the move to our new downtown Seattle digs! Not only had we outgrown our office space, but we were expanding our staff base to meet the demands of a rapidly growing business. Meet Lauren Smith, our current Director of Recruiting, celebrating her 4-year anniversary with JeffreyM Consulting! Coming to us from a marketing position at a NYC based food & entertainment magazine, we immediately knew her warm personality and easy-to-talk-to manner would make her not only a stellar recruiter for JeffreyM, but a perfect fit for our growing staff team.

Originally joining the team as Talent Coordinator, Lauren dove headfirst into the recruiting world. Lauren ensures the entire recruiting process from beginning to end yields a positive experience for both the client and candidate. She is responsible for sourcing and reviewing candidate resumes, and conducting initial interviews to assess candidate strengths and culture fit prior to scheduling with the client. A year and a half later, as our recruiting department grew, Lauren moved into the role of Talent Manager. A year later, Lauren was promoted to Director of Recruiting, allowing her to directly impact our recruiting processes with her stellar team and allowing her to focus on placing our specialized and international roles.

Lauren’s dedication and passion for her role at JeffreyM are unmatched, though outside of her position you can find Lauren traveling the world, discovering the newest restaurants in the city, finalizing touches on her new home, or rooting on her Huskies! Lauren also dedicates her time as a mentor for Year Up, an organization that helps to close the opportunity divide by helping young adults who lack access to higher education and careers receive additional schooling and internships at major companies in the area.

Whether a consultant or client, you have likely had the pleasure of interacting with Lauren over the years! Reach out to her at if you would like to reconnect, discuss upcoming opportunities, or simply say hello!

Congratulations on reaching your 4-year anniversary, Lauren! Our team wouldn’t be the same without you, and this is an incredible accomplishment. We look forward to what you accomplish in the years ahead!


Monday Motivation – Stephen Pringle







Sunday Funday? Try Successful Sunday! One of our London based employees, Social Tools Manager Stephen Pringle, has discovered the key to an efficient work week—preparing all of his emails and meals on Sunday.


  • Everyone gets a “Case of the Mondays.” What helps you get through your Monday? Is it a quote, or personal or professional goals?
    I make sure I roast a cheap cut of meat for a long time on Sunday afternoon. While it’s roasting, I take half-an-hour or so and line-up my emails. That way, when I start on Monday I’m not getting bogged down with housekeeping. Then for lunch on Monday, I have a sandwich with the roasted meat from Sunday. It’s a cyclical thing.


  • What is your favorite part of your current position with JMC?
    Getting to work with loads of cool people – externally, but also internally. I feel like my team always has my back.


  • Do you have a favorite playlist or podcast you listen to at work?
    In times of deep concentration, I listen to Animal Collective’s album “Feels.” When you listen to it, you are transported to a partially melodic jungle with Wi-Fi. In times of pressure and stress, I listen exclusively to the prelude to “Das Rheinegold” (preferably Marek Janowski’s), and “Under the Bridge” by RHCP. In times when I know two other parties will introduce themselves before me on a conference call, I listen to Kanye’s “Touch the Sky,” because the Lupe Fiasco verse begins with “Yes, yes, yes, guess who’s on third?”


  • Do you have a daily routine that helps you through your day?
    Easier/administrative tasks in the morning to get warmed up. Tea first thing. Coffee around 11:00am, which is always accompanied by a banana. More structured/creative tasks after lunch.


  • Any exciting projects you are currently working on?
    Just got started doing some old-school community management, which is pretty close to what I was doing in my previous job. The work here is pretty varied, and there are plenty of new challenges.


Monday Motivation – Nick Lynch









In Nick Lynch’s world, no two days are the same – and in fact, his day can often change in the blink of an eye. This busy Business Analyst covers all of McDonald’s social data needs, so how does he gear up for the week? By laughing all the way into the office!

  • Everyone gets a “Case of the Mondays.” What helps you get through your Monday? Is it a quote, or personal or professional goals?
    I use my Monday commute as a time to not only wake up, but as a way to mentally prepare myself for the return to the office environment. I listen to the comedy/movie trivia podcast “Doug Loves Movies.” I spend my commute laughing and attempting to answer movie trivia with the comedian contestants on the podcast. I like to come into the office in a good mood and ready to attack my week.


  • What is your favorite part of your current position with JMC?
    I love that I get to work with multiple different teams for the McDonald’s client, and that I have the opportunity to support each team’s individual goals with social data.


  • Do you have a favorite playlist or podcast you listen to at work?
    Lately, I’ve been listening to the “A-List: R&B” podcast on Apple Music. I can zone in on my work and vibe at the same time.


  • Do you have a daily routine that helps you through your day?
    I do not have a specific daily routine as the objectives and needs of my team reprioritize throughout the day. I do try to break my requests/projects into smaller sub-tasks. So, if I find myself on a day where my schedule gets turned around, I can try to complete the smaller sub-tasks throughout a busy day in between meetings/high priority projects.


  • Any exciting projects you are currently working on?
    Over the past couple of months, we have been working on dashboards for both monthly and daily social performance. I have had the opportunity to play a key role in the data validation and design curation of the dashboard.


Celebrating Margo Newman’s 5-Year Anniversary!


5 years ago, we at JeffreyM Consulting had just upgraded our office space to a high-rise in downtown Bellevue, and it was clearly time to also expand the team and hire a third staff member. Meet Margo Newman, our current Vice President of Accounts & Operations, celebrating her 5-year anniversary with JeffreyM Consulting!

Originally joining the team as our Director of Talent, Margo’s first task at hand was to begin staffing our then newly implemented Customer Insight Center, now operating full-fledged with 55+ employees as our Customer Experience Center (CXC). Many of those original hires are still with us today, and Margo continues to have a heavy hand in the operations and management of the CXC. Margo also oversees all of our client accounts and consultants, ensuring each experiences top-notch service throughout the recruiting and contract cycle. Margo is also heavily involved with our business development opportunities, and fully manages our Marketing Services team. Leading, influencing and innovating our talent, service and digital strategies at JeffreyM Consulting is her continued focus.

Prior to joining JeffreyM, Margo honed her management skills as Store Manager for a large Seattle-based specialty coffee retailer. Further, Margo has remained heavily involved in her sorority, currently assisting the International headquarters with recruiting efforts at local chapters, and serving as the Collegiate Advisor at the University of Washington and University of Arizona chapters. Previously, she served as the Chapter Advisor at University of Puget Sound where she led a team of advisors, ensuring long-term health of the chapter. Margo also served as Vice President on the PTSA at her children’s school. Margo’s past experience and continued involvement in such volunteer activities makes her the perfect fit to head up the management and operations aspects of our accounts & talent base.

As if she isn’t busy enough, outside of both her responsibilities at JeffreyM and volunteering, Margo is super-mom to her two children, and enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

It is likely that you have interacted with Margo over the years if you are a part of the JeffreyM community. Reach out to her at if you would like to reconnect, say hello, or talk about any upcoming opportunities – whether you are inquiring as a client or talent!

Congratulations on reaching your 5-year anniversary Margo! This is an incredible accomplishment, and JeffreyM would not be where we are today without you. We look forward to the next 5 years!


Monday Motivation – Joelle Thompson




When working with clients around the world, time zones can sometimes get the best of you! But Joelle Thompson has found the perfect midday work oasis – and it’s only steps away from her office.




  • Everyone gets a “Case of the Mondays.” What helps you get through your Monday? Is it a quote, or personal or professional goals?

The best way I know to head off a case of the Mondays is to get myself to my 6am daily exercise class. I work out with a tight-knit, eclectic group of people who always make me laugh. So, although it’s tough to get up that early (and ok, sometimes I roll over and go back to sleep), when I do make it, I always walk out feeling amazing and ready to take on the world. It also gives me some human interaction first thing in the morning – which is important for someone like me who works from home and doesn’t have that face-to-face connection at the office.

  • What is your favorite part of your current position with JMC?

As a consultant for Microsoft, I work on a CPE (Customer & Partner Experience) team within the Services organization, and we focus on improving the customer experience for enterprise Microsoft customers who use consulting services and premier support. My favorite part is advocating on behalf of the customer; thinking about how we should evolve our customer listening channels to get a better handle on customer needs, which in turn would allow us to be more proactive and less reactive on issues that arise. Working toward making that vision a reality is what motivates me.

  • Do you have a favorite playlist or podcast you listen to at work?

Since I don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone around me, I enjoy cranking up the volume in my home office and tuning into various Amazon Music stations. When I need to concentrate it’s mellow baroque music, and when I feel like rocking out I love a great 90’s alternative mix!

  •  Do you have a daily routine that helps you through your day?

My client is on the east coast and my team is spread from Seattle to Bengaluru to Dubai, so for this gig, I’ve adjusted my workday to start early. The 6am workout kick-starts my day and I’m in the office by 7:30am (easy since my commute is just a few steps!). The timing is nice because I’m finishing my work around the time my two kids get home from school. I also try to take a real break and eat lunch outside on my garden patio, instead of at my desk. I can get away from the PC, enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather, listen to the hummingbirds and feel the breeze on my face. It helps me de-stress and relax.

  • Any exciting projects you are currently working on?

Earlier this year I was invited to join a new “JMC Social Squad” – which is a group made up of a cross-section of employees who collaborate on social media messaging & campaigns through the company’s online platforms. It gives me a chance to learn new tools, as well as to contribute some strategic concepts and creative content. I also love to get to know other consultants and staffers at JeffreyM, to exchange ideas and tap into our fun community.

Celebrating Kali Mungovan’s 1-Year Anniversary!

Joining JeffreyM Consulting one year ago today, Kali Mungovan’s first task was to immerse herself with the team over lunch as we celebrated a day full of birthdays, milestones and new beginnings. Coming onboard as our Recruiting Coordinator, Kali was quickly introduced into the JeffreyM culture and has been sharing that vibe with potential candidates since. Today we celebrate her 1-year anniversary and all she has accomplished!

As a key member of our Talent team, Kali manages the end-to-end recruiting process for our clients, with a specific focus on recruiting for administrative and operational roles. Kali also focuses on placing a majority of our out-of-state professionals. Kali ensures that both our clients and potential consultants have a great experience with JeffreyM Consulting from the very first contact. Kali also is willing to go above and beyond her scope of work by taking on additional projects around the office – assisting with operations or onboarding as needed.

Originally from Southern California, Kali graduated from the University of Oregon prior to joining JeffreyM. As Jeffrey, himself, always likes to say – “Kali from Cali.” When not recruiting the finest candidates around, Kali enjoys hiking with her pup, dancing, traveling and keeping up with her favorite sports team (Go Ducks!).

Congratulations on your 1-year anniversary Kali! We have loved watching your career develop over the past year, and can’t wait to see what the year ahead brings!


Celebrating Rebecca Millar’s 2-Year Anniversary!

Today we celebrate Rebecca Millar, and her two-year anniversary with JeffreyM Consulting! Originally joining the team as our Talent Coordinator, Rebecca has worked her way to her current position of Recruiting Specialist. Rebecca works hand in hand with our Talent team to offer a top-tier full cycle recruiting experience. Not only is she responsible for recruiting new talent, but she works with our current bench who are seeking placement. In addition, she manages our existing talent, ensuring our active team is satisfied from a career trajectory standpoint.

As a key member of our Talent team, Rebecca manages the entire recruiting and staffing process for our Bellevue based Social Command Center, which is comprised of over 55 social media consultants. Not only has she staffed this group, but she makes a conscious effort to meet with all SCC hires one month into their role to gain feedback regarding their onboarding process, and to just see how things are going all around! Rebecca also ensures she is onsite at the SCC every few weeks. This allows a direct connection and line of communication between JeffreyM and our consultants. In addition, Rebecca also assists in the recruitment of senior-level consultant jobs in the marketing and project management areas.

Rebecca always goes above and beyond when it comes to taking on tasks around the office – big or small. From managing our Equipment Loan program, helping plan company-wide events or even ordering snacks for the office, she is willing to take on the task. Rebecca is also immersing herself in our marketing and social efforts, expanding her knowledge in these areas.

When not busy recruiting the best of the best, Rebecca enjoys running along Elliott Bay, exploring new brunch spots, and of course, a good bottle of wine with friends. In fact, Rebecca is preparing to run her first half-marathon this upcoming weekend – cheer her on with us!

Congratulations Rebecca on your 2-year anniversary, we are excited to see what the next year brings!


Three years ago today, on Cinco de Mayo 2014, we celebrated Kate Carte’s first day with JeffreyM Consulting over margaritas and tacos. It was the perfect way to welcome such a bright, upbeat and positive addition to the team! As our Director of Client Engagement, Kate ensures great customer service within established accounts on the daily.

After 9 years of experience in sales and program management at Microsoft, Kate was actually very familiar with JeffreyM as she began to explore her next career move. As a then client of ours, we interacted with Kate often and had built a great relationship. When it came time for her make a change, the stars aligned and we invited her to join JeffreyM Consulting as our then Director of Business Development. With her knowledge of Microsoft and corresponding extensive network, Kate was the right person to ensure our employees and clients receive top-notch service, as well as strategize ideas around growing our client base and identifying new business opportunities.

As part of the JeffreyM network, it is likely you have interacted with Kate over the past three years. If you have not yet had the pleasure, or want to just say hello, reach out to her at She would also love to share how we can work with you! When not running to numerous meetings or cultivating new business relationships, you can most likely find Kate on the golf course, enjoying some Woodinville wine tasting, or spending time with her family – which includes raising a newborn! She does it all.

Congratulations on your 3-year anniversary, Kate. JeffreyM Consulting’s reputation of delivering topnotch service is upheld in large part because of you, and we appreciate you every day.


Back in 2013, during summer break before his senior year at Washington State University, Trevor Thompson joined JeffreyM Consulting as our summer marketing intern. During this time, he organized our first big summer social media campaign, helped design some fresh and colorful marketing templates, and was on call for any design or tweeting needs we had! He returned to WSU to finish out his senior year, where he was one of the leading members on the Washington State University National Student Advertising Competition team, where he was the go-to person for all graphics, production art, digital – and just about anything else. Fast forward to his graduation, and we were more than eager to have him back on the JeffreyM team!

About that time, our Social Command Center at Microsoft had been operating for just over a year, and was rapidly growing. We immediately rehired Trevor back on as a Community Manager in the SCC for the Office products, while he also contributed to freelance graphic design projects – including a graphic design project for Bing. Shortly thereafter, we offered him additional training in Sprinklr, the social media management platform used in the SCC. He again became to the go-to person, this time for his knowledge in Sprinklr. The next natural step was to hire Trevor on as a staff member at JeffreyM Consulting in March of 2015 as Marketing Services Consultant, where he could focus on working with multiple different clients – some of which are Microsoft, SAP, P&G, Amazon, McDonald’s and more. During this time, Trevor was able to really develop our marketing services focused on social, which is still growing to this day.

New this year, as our marketing services area is quickly expanding – with no sign of slowing down – Trevor now manages a team of Digital Associates as our Marketing Services Manager. He strategizes with our clients to optimize their social media strategy, utilizing his social background as well as his extensive technical knowledge. He is also still willing to assist with any design needs that come up in the JeffreyM office!

Please reach out to Trevor and say hello at! He’d love to share how our JeffreyM services can help you, or would be happy to showcase past work! Outside of the office, you can find Trevor enjoying local breweries, exploring with his dog Griffey, or best yet – planning his upcoming wedding!

Congratulations on your 2-year staff anniversary, Trevor! You have contributed so much to this company since joining 4 years ago as a summer intern, and we can’t wait to see what we accomplish together next!