#IAmJeffreyM Employee Spotlight: Heidi Horn


At JeffreyM Consulting, we love learning about what motivates our employees, both personally and professionally. We had the opportunity to catch up with Heidi Horn, a Marketing Program Manager working on behalf of Microsoft, to learn more about her background and some of the driving forces in her life.

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Heidi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in IT Business Management and recently earned her Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership. Heidi joined the JeffreyM team in early 2019 and brought her love of running along with her!

“So, I’ll start from the beginning. Three things happened to me: my mom died, I was laid off and my daughter moved out” These life-altering events were what led Heidi to running in the first place. Originally, she took up mountaineering and then started running as a way to cross-train, but ultimately decided to focus on running.

“I ran my first half marathon and after that I was hooked!” Heidi went from running half marathons to full marathons in Chicago, New York and Portland to name a few. To celebrate her 50th birthday, Heidi decided to take on an even bigger challenge, running a 50k. Since then she has been running and crewing ultramarathons around the world. Her favorite ultra so far is Brazil 135, where she ran three marathons back to back!

Her favorite part about participating in marathons? Being at the finish line so she can hand out medals to the runners. “Many people don’t think about it, but there is often a lot of emotion and a lot of tears at the finish line.”

“My ultimate goal is to be a race director. Being able to be in charge of a race from its inception until the last person crosses the finish line.” With the strength, endurance, and ambition that Heidi has, we are sure to see her leading her own race in the near future.


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