Monday Motivation – Stephen Pringle







Sunday Funday? Try Successful Sunday! One of our London based employees, Social Tools Manager Stephen Pringle, has discovered the key to an efficient work week—preparing all of his emails and meals on Sunday.


  • Everyone gets a “Case of the Mondays.” What helps you get through your Monday? Is it a quote, or personal or professional goals?
    I make sure I roast a cheap cut of meat for a long time on Sunday afternoon. While it’s roasting, I take half-an-hour or so and line-up my emails. That way, when I start on Monday I’m not getting bogged down with housekeeping. Then for lunch on Monday, I have a sandwich with the roasted meat from Sunday. It’s a cyclical thing.


  • What is your favorite part of your current position with JMC?
    Getting to work with loads of cool people – externally, but also internally. I feel like my team always has my back.


  • Do you have a favorite playlist or podcast you listen to at work?
    In times of deep concentration, I listen to Animal Collective’s album “Feels.” When you listen to it, you are transported to a partially melodic jungle with Wi-Fi. In times of pressure and stress, I listen exclusively to the prelude to “Das Rheinegold” (preferably Marek Janowski’s), and “Under the Bridge” by RHCP. In times when I know two other parties will introduce themselves before me on a conference call, I listen to Kanye’s “Touch the Sky,” because the Lupe Fiasco verse begins with “Yes, yes, yes, guess who’s on third?”


  • Do you have a daily routine that helps you through your day?
    Easier/administrative tasks in the morning to get warmed up. Tea first thing. Coffee around 11:00am, which is always accompanied by a banana. More structured/creative tasks after lunch.


  • Any exciting projects you are currently working on?
    Just got started doing some old-school community management, which is pretty close to what I was doing in my previous job. The work here is pretty varied, and there are plenty of new challenges.