Motivation Monday – Margo Newman


The early bird is certainly catching the worm! Mother, wife and VP of Accounts at JeffreyM Consulting, Margo Newman definitely has an impressive title. But how does she get motivated to dominate in both her personal and professional life? (Hint – it starts at 4:45am in the gym!)



  • Everyone gets a “Case of the Mondays.” What helps you get through your Monday? Is it a quote, or personal or professional goals?
    I try to use Mondays as my ramp up day for the week. I schedule limited meetings, and spend time focusing on what I need to get done for the week. I try to work/start on big projects on Monday since it is my quiet time, per say – Meditation Monday in work terms!


  • What is your favorite aspect of your current position with JMC?
    The people. I get to work with the most talented and fun people! I love to hear about what innovative projects our consultants are working on. They inspire new strategies that I get to help build!


  • Do you have a favorite playlist or podcast you listen to at work?
    I change it up often, but right now I am listening to Chill Vibes on Spotify. But when I need to turn up the jams I usually go with a dance mix or some 90’s throwback jams! Everyone loves a little Biggie!


  • Do you have a daily routine that helps you get through your day?
    Yes! I meet my friend at the gym bright and early at 4:45am! It is hard to get up, but it really gets my day going and makes me feel better all day. After the gym I get to enjoy a cup of coffee in silence, prior to my family getting up and in full swing! I commute in, which takes a little over an hour. But it is where I get to catch up on all my email. By the time I reach the office, I am ready to have meetings and collaborate!


  • Any exciting projects you are currently working on?
    For the last year, we have really been expanding our partnership with Sprinklr. This has allowed us to build out our Marketing Services team specifically, which allows us to support many different clients as they optimize the Sprinklr tool. This team operates under the JMC umbrella, and we are continuing to add to this team, focusing on different skill sets so we are able to offer clients solutions that fit their needs. For example, we recently added Marshall Mitchell to the team, who has been certified in Sprinklr and provides Graphic Design services for clients to utilize for their social content.